Adult Education

The following classes are offered to everyone. Classes run 9:30-1o:15am every Sunday in the West Wing. Single session attendance is fine as most classes do not require homework.

God’s Word for Today: Ecclesiastes

Leader: Pastor Armstrong

(6 sessions) A wealth of divine wisdom for daily living is available in Ecclesiastes.  In this Old Testament book we can discover how the truths of King Solomon can lead us into a deeper study of all the Bible.  We can learn what God, though Solomon, teaches us about:

  • viewing and living life in a sinful world;
  • dealing with the good and the bad in life;
  • worship and wisdom;
  • God's abundant grace and mercy demonstrated in the person and life of Jesus;
  • enjoying our earthly life and using the gifts God has given in His glory.


Intrepid Heroes of the Faith

Leaders: Church Elders

(6 sessions) Intrepid Heroes of the Faith will introduce you to the cultural setting and life story of biblical characters, examine the joys and challenges they faced, and show how God forgave, sustained, and empowered them to serve Him.

Heroes included in this study:

  • Moses and Aaron
  • Joshua
  • Gideon
  • Samson
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
  • Daniel

    As you progress through the 6-session study, you will learn how God chooses ordinary people – people like you – to do His extraordinary work.

    This study is part of the Heroes of Faith Bible study series that highlights men and women in the Bible who overcame extraordinary difficulties.