Pastor Armstrong's sermon is based on Luke 15:1-10.

99% isn’t good enough for God  (Luke 15:1-10)

I.   Joy is ________________ (vv.1-2). 

A. What you do or do not _______________reveals a lot about you (Luke 2:34-35). 

B. Undeserving celebrities.

II.  Joy results from the ______________ and ___________ of Jesus (Luke 1:44, 47; 2:10; 19:37; 24:52).

A. The lost belong to Him (v.6). 

1. He is ________________with finding us (vv.4b, 8b).   

2. He _____________ each and every one.   

B. He personally bears the ___________of restoration  (vv.5, 8b; Isaiah 53:6; 1 John 4:10).

III. Joy must be _____________ (vv.6, 9).

A. Its abundance cannot be ____________ to one person.

1. Earth reflects heaven (vv.6-7, 9-10).

2. Joy is ________________.

B. In calling you to pray for and seek the lost, God is calling you to a life of __________!