Pastor Armstrong's sermon is based on John 21:1, 14.

Jesus reveals Himself to His disciples and to us (vv.1,14)

I.   The disciples’ inability (v.3).

II.  This “guy” on the shore exercises authority over them.

A. He calls them _____________ (v.5).

B. He ___________ they haven’t caught anything (v.6).

C. His word creates a ______________ catch of fish (v.6).

D. Who might this guy be???  _________ is the same, yet different (v.12)!

E. “Apart from Me, you can do _________________” (John 15:5).

III. The mission of the church.

A. The Father will draw people to Jesus through _______________ (vv.8,10-11; John 6:44; 12:32).

B. Peter’s “final exam” (vv.15-17). 

1. Why might Jesus ask Peter such an awkward  question (v.15)?  (See John 6:6; Mark 14:27-31 and John 13:37).

2. What do Peter’s answers reveal ___________________________ .

C. Jesus redefines commitment to Him as commitment to His ____________ (vv.15-17).