Pastor Armsstong's sermon is based on Luke 3:15-22.

“Risky Waters,” Luke 3:15-22

I.   Jesus _________________ baptism.

A. “In the preaching of John, ___________ and ___________ are still separated, but they will not stay separated.  That they come together, that is the work of Jesus” (Adolph Schlatter).

B. “The great event which changed Johannine into Christian       Baptism was…the Baptism of Jesus” (G.W.H. Lampe).

II.  Jesus’ Baptism transforms _____. 

A. The world makes claims on us, but in Baptism, God claims us as His own.

1. Baptism = the gift of the Spirit. 

2. The gift of the Spirit = _______________ (v.22; Galatians 3:26-27).

B. Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with _________ (v.16).

1. Fire = _____________/______________ (1 Peter 1:7; 4:12, 17).

2. Baptism causes the world, the flesh and the devil to _______________ us (John 15:18; 16:33; James 4:4).

3. The same Spirit indwelling both John and Jesus dwells in you.

4. At best, we experience ________________; at worst, __________________ (Matthew 10:35-38; 2 Timothy 3:12).

III. Is Jesus worth the risk?

A. What we do is the result of ____________ we are (John 10:27).

B. Those who oppose you did not _______ for you, but ______________.