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Pastor Armstrong's sermon is based on Matthew 11:2-19.

The doubts of a man of God (Matthew 11:2-19)

I.   Doubt/conflict arises when there is a gap between our ___________________ and our ____________________.   

A.   Doubt vs. unbelief.

1.   Doubt = _______________________ (v.3; James 1:8).  It is both “yes/no.” 

2.   Unbelief = the _______________ of faith (John 20:25). 

B.   Jesus exposes the ____________________________ of unbelief (vv.16-19).   

C.   Doubt arises from a ___________________ of God, from a faith malformed or malnourished.   

1.   So far, Jesus had fulfilled none of John’s promises (Matthew 3:7-12). 

2.   God routinely acts in ways we do not expect (v.12; Matthew 5:3-12; 2 Corinthians 12:9; Isaiah 55:8-9).

II.   Don’t be ashamed of your doubts. 

A.   Share them with someone older and wiser. 

B.   John took his doubts to ___________ (v.2-3).

1.   Seeing what Jesus _________ and hearing what He _________ is the only way to create faith (vv.4-5; Romans 10:17).   

2.   Jesus does not minimize John; He exalts the disciples (v.11). 

3.   Jesus _____________ John in spite of his doubts (vv.7-15; Isaiah 42:3).