Pastor Armstrong's sermon is based on Mark 7:1-13.

The Gospel is our tradition (Mark 7:1-13)

I.   Judaism has two sources of authority, the written _______ and the oral _______ (the tradition of the     elders). 

A. Roman Catholicism.

B. Mormonism. 

C. Christian Science, etc.

II.  Jesus ___________ the tradition of the elders, calling them the commandments of ________, and contrasting them with the commandments of _________ (v.8).

A. “For Moses said…” (v.10)

B. “But you say…” (v.11)

III. Jesus teaches the priority of the ______________ (heart) over the ______________ (ritual).  See vv. 6-7 and 1 Samuel 16:7.

A. Rituals are visible actions, so when we do them to be seen by others and earn their approval, our hearts are far from the Lord (v.6; Matthew 6: 1-2).

B. Jesus accomplished our salvation by having a complete disregard for man’s approval, and we should have the same disregard (Isaiah 53:1-6;    Matthew 6:3-4).

IV. Are human traditions/rituals good or bad? 

A. Jesus teaches there is one source of authority for God’s people:  ______________ (v.8).

B. The Lutheran movement is a __________________, not ______________, reformation.    

C. We evaluate all rituals and traditions in light of _________________.