Pastor Armstrong's sermon is based on John 8:48-59.

The Greatest Claim in History (John 8: 48-59)

I.   Jesus is _______________ (v.48).  

A. When we can’t win a debate with someone, we often resort to __________________________________ (v.48). 

B. To glorify oneself is to seek the approval of _________ (v.50a). 

C. Jesus prefers _____________by His peers in order that He might gain the ____________ of God (v.50b). 

1. __________is God’s to give, not ours to achieve. 

2. Jesus waits for God to ____________Him through   suffering, death and resurrection.

II.  “Who do you make yourself out to be” (v.53)?  The _____________ of Jesus.

A. “If anyone keeps My word, he will never see death” (v.51)!

B. “Before Abraham was, I AM” (v.58).

III. What His claim means for us.

A. You cannot have a __________response to Jesus. 

B. You must ___________Him or __________ Him, there is no middle ground (Matthew 12:30a; Mark 9:38-41).