Pastor Armstrong sermon is based on Mark 12:38-44.

“The Lord’s celebrities” (Mark 12:38-44)

I.   The Lord brings down the proud (Luke 1:52a).

A. Celebrities live what all of us ____________ about.

B. “Beware” = ______________ (v.38)!

II.  The Lord lifts up the lowly (Luke 1:52b).

A. The widow gives up her ______________ (v.44)!

B. The widow is a ____________ figure.

1. Jesus celebrates the widow because He sees ______________ in her. 

2. Verses 38-44 contrast the way we instinctively are (________________) and the way Jesus instinctively is (________________) (Mark 10:45).

C. By giving up His own life, our Lord finds and forgives us and celebrates _______ (Luke 15:1-32)!

D. The Lord celebrates what He sees of Himself in ___________ (Matthew 25:34-40).