Pastor Armstrong's sermon is based on Luke 9:51-62.

“Wayfarers All” (Luke 9:51-62)

I.   Jesus journeys to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51-19:27).

A. His determination (v.51; cf. Isaiah 50:7).

B. Jesus’ journey begins with ________________, foreshadowing the cross (v.53).

C. Jesus _____________ James and John, foreshadowing the cross (v.55) and the Samaritan mission (Acts 8:4ff.).

II.  “Follow Me” (v.59). 

A. Since the Fall (Genesis 3:24), God’s people have been __________________ (Genesis12:1-3; John14:6;            Hebrews 11:13). 

B. We want to place ________________ on discipleship (vv.59, 61).

1. Jesus claims ____________ over the best, not the worst, of human relationships.

2. Jesus never asks us to choose Him over the devil but to choose Him over the _____________.

C. Like the disciples, we will continue to ________, but Jesus’ response will be one of ______________ (2 Timothy 2:13).