Pastor Armstrong starts the Advent midweek sermon series "Waiting Well" with"We wait for : provision."

“We wait for: provision”  (Psalm 145:15-16; Matthew 5:43-45; John 6:32-36)

I.   Waiting is a sign of creaturely __________________ (Ps. 145:15-16)

A. Even ___________ had to wait (John 7:6).

B. Waiting is not an interruption to your life, it ________________.     It is God’s way of ___________________.

C. The alternative to waiting is to be a self-sufficient, autonomous Being (I.e. ________).

II.  God’s provision for creation is a reflection of His love revealed ______________. 

A. It is a love for one’s _____________.

B. It ____________ us to wait well.