Pastor Armstrong's sermon for Christ the King Sunday is based on John 18:33-40.

“When Truth stares you in the face”  (John 18:33-40)

I.   Jesus’ “audacious” truth claim. 

A. “_________________ who is of the truth listens to My voice” (v.37).  “No such claim on man’s allegiance was ever made by any other master” (Bernard of Clairvaux).

B. Christ’s truth claim is an __________________ to Pilate     (cf. 34).

II.  Pilate’s truth question.

A. Is it sincere?

1. Early church commentators: _______.

2. Modern commentators: ________. 

B. It is ________________ question.

1. The ancient Greek view:  “aletheia” or “truth” = that which reflects reality (i.e. life as it is actually lived). 

2. The postmodern view:  absolute truth does not exist.  Truth is socially constructed and individually determined.  “Truth is made rather than found” (Richard Rorty). 

III. Jesus’ answer to Pilate:

A. not in ________, but in ________ (v.40; John 19-21). 

B. Truth is not only a proclamation but a ______________ (John 14:6).