Pastor Armstrong's sermon is based on Luke 10:2.

“You are an answer to prayer” (Luke 10:2)

v.1            “After sending the twelve (Luke 9:1-6), Jesus sends out 72 more, but…

v.2            … even seventy-two is not enough.  ______ are an answer to prayer!

v.3            We are vulnerable and must depend on the ____________.  When attacked, we cannot respond ____________ (Luke 9:54-55; Romans 12:19-21).

v.4            God would provide for them through their ____________ (see v.7).

v.5 You are a carrier of __________ into the lives of others.

v.6 It is possible to reject a __________ (United States v. Wilson, 1833). 

v.7 We don’t do this for ourselves. 

v.8 Respect others!

v.9 We care for the ________________.

v.10-11 This pantomimes an ancient Israelite practice of re-entering the Holy Land.

v.12-15 Rejecting the Gospel is worse than the sins of _________.

v.16 Rejecting your message = rejecting ________ =    rejecting ____________.

v.17 ________ is always a temptation.

v.18 The ___________ overcomes Satan.

v.19 Our Shepherd protects us, yet we remain vulnerable and mortal (v.3).

v.20 We must always focus on ________ actions, not ________.   Our names are written in heaven (divine passive).  See also Exodus 32:32; Psalm 69:28; Daniel 12:1; Philippians 4:3; Revelation 21:27.


I.   The _____________ are not enough, but we are (v.2)!

A. The greatest barrier to evangelism:  our ________________ about others.

B. But we have the most ____________, beautiful        message of all time (v.5).

C. Like the 72, ____________ precede the Lord, who is  coming soon (v.1).

II.  __________ are the Light of the world (Matthew 5:14-16) and the presence of Jesus and the Father in the world today (v.16).