Adult Education

Adult Education classes, November 29 -January 24

(All lessons will be available in the welcome center and can be picked up at your convenience or downloadable below.)

November 29

“The Great ‘O’ Antiphons” and “Veni Emmanuel”

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Discussion leader Patty Stepper

With Advent comes the singing of the beloved ancient hymn, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”  Reflected in the stanzas of the hymn are a series of “O” Antiphons that were used in the early centuries of the church at Vespers, along with the Magnificat, on the days leading up to Christmas.  Join us as we take a closer look at the titles, antiphons, and corresponding verses of the hymn.


December 6

Courage in a Time of Crisis 

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Discussion leader Paul Finke 

Fear and worry come easily.  Courage is harder to find.  How do we persevere in faith and flourish in Christ when it seems that so many certainties turn into uncertainties?  We will read and pray together several Scripture passages, and will find that Paul’s words in Romans 15:4 are true  -- “through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”


December 13

A Matter of the Heart, Comfort from God's Word in Hard Times 

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Discussion leader Mark Newton

This Bible study helps teach us not to fret in difficult times but to trust in God that He will provide for us. We will discuss Exodus 16:1-30, Matthew 6:19-34 and Philippians 4:9-19.


December 20

Listen to the Sounds! 

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Discussion leader Cheryl Harris

At Christmas time, we can hear carols being sung, exclamations and shouts of joy and delight, and the rustling and tearing of gift wrapping.  During this Bible study, we will  look at the Christmas Gospel in Luke 2.  As we review the miracle and wonder of our Savior’s birth, our focus will be on the sounds of Christmas heard during the holy night of Jesus’ birth.


December 27

The Shepherd’s Peace

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Discussion leader Harriet Armstrong

In this Bible study, we will learn about the job and status of shepherds in the Old Testament and in Jesus’ day.  As we hear anew the Christmas story, we will consider why the shepherds were the first to hear of Jesus’ birth.


January 3, 10, 17 and 24   

Thank, Praise, Serve and Obey – Recover the Joys of Piety   

Discussion leader – Deaconess Julie McPeak

Thank, Praise, Serve, and Obey

When we think of piety, we think of monks dressed in sack cloths or six-hour daily prayer sessions.

But living a pious life simply means cultivating godly habits—not being godly, but becoming godly. We should delight and find joy in being pious, because it means we are daily receiving free gifts from God!

Rev. William Weedon walks you through four video sessions on piety, showing you how you are already equipped in Christ to live a pious life. Thank, Praise, Serve, and Obey: Recover the Joys of Piety will provide encouragement and direction as you seek to live a godly life under God’s grace.