Worship Comes First

"It's the busiest church I've ever seen," remarked one neighbor of Grace Lutheran LCMS to a friend interested in the many midweek comings and goings at the Central Avenue Church. It is a very apt description of this congregation of 430.

Since it's beginning in 1956 the church has grown from 29 families to over 150 by tirelessly responding to Christ's loving call to love one another and share His Good News.

The most important of all the ministries at Grace is that of worship. As Lutherans the long proud heritage of liturgical worship is strong, with earnest confession, and frequent communion.


There has always been a strong commitment to family and the proper education of children in the Word of God. Currently there are programs for swaddled children, preschool, elementary age, and youth. From Sunday School to the annual outreach Vacation Bible Schools, there is always caring instruction for God's children.


Education is a life long process especially for a church so keenly focused on God's will as given to us in His Word and Sacrament. Grace offers an extensive adult education program on Sunday mornings between services. Christ's command to share His Gospel reaches out to those yet to know Him. Grace invites those with questions or curiosity to attend it's "Alpha Course" to challenge the many false ideas about religion and to discover who this Jesus is. A fourteen week evening course with fellowship meals and frank question and answer sessions unveils the mysteries and misconceptions of Christianity for those that might never have set foot in a church before or those that have fallen away disheartened by the failings of men yet still long for the sweet forgiveness Christ has won for them.


Service is another busy area for this loving congregation. An ESL program helps teach English to new residents, mostly Japanese speaking.

There are many more ministry efforts that quietly but ceaselessly serve God's plan, that keep busy hands enjoying an abundant life in Christ. Grace Lutheran Church invites you to come and share in His abundance.