Lutheran Heritage Speaker

Rev. Gregory Seltz, 

Saturday, September 30th

God, Government and You: living faithfully as citizens of earth and heaven


We are constantly told to navigate our modern societal conflicts with only worldly sympathies leaving little concern for the eternal realities of our heavenly citizenship. Rev. Dr. Seltz will  employ insights from the biblical book of Esther to our lives as   citizens today here and there. Dr. Seltz will also preach and teach adult Sunday school class on October 1. The schedule for the 30th 

5:30 pm—Meal (free will offering)

6:15 pm—Keynote (Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz, Executive Director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty, Washington, D.C., and        former Lutheran Hour speaker.))

7:30 pm—Questions and discussion

The evening is open to all in our community. Please call or sign-up below. Childcare is free, but please tell us in advance if you need it.